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What (Who!) is NonViolent Democracy?

What is our path OUT OF the current paradigm of Global COVERT (Secret, Corporate, Mobster) Government? 

What form of Universal Democracy would enroll, empower, & protect the Elders, the Youth, the Women, the Indigenous, the Poor, the Refugees, the Peoples of the South, the Peoples of the East >> End the Caste System, Break the Chains of the serf, soldier, slave planetwide, indeed Solar-System-wide >> and not (repeat NOT) behead, threaten, the lives of the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the 'Vaticans', the Crown, the Monarchy, the Ruling Class? NOT be a repeat of the French Revolution?

What form of Global Democracy would END the Covert-War Economy of all Nation-States, of the Church-States, of the Crown-States, the Corporate State? Double our Global Economy overnight, and Double it every year henceforward?

What form of All-Inclusive Democracy would return the Rivers, the Forests, Oceans, our once-living Atmosphere, Aquasphere, Mycosphere >> aka our Biosphere, our Divine Living/Breathing Mother Gaia? 

What Planetwide System of Empowerment, of Sovereign-Realization, can recognize the (few!) inherent stages of human growth -- Infant to ~7, Child to ~14, Adolescent to the mid-thirties, Adult/Grown to the mid-fifties, Elder, Senior, Immortal? -- and end the "Hundred Castes" of Subhuman serf-soldier-slaves originally created by the Monarchies, by the City-States, the Church-States, then refined by the Rothschilds, latched onto by the Rockefellers?

A Planetwide Parliament, Direct NonViolent Democracy, of THREE Houses (Three Organs, Three Chakras, Three Minds?) of SoverAnia: 1) Youth or Junior, for study, learning, research, dialog, to innovate and suggest Constitutional Laws of Ethics (Additions and Refinements of the Global Constitution of NonViolence), and Global Programs of Culture and Planetary Rejuvenation, suggest them to/for the: 2) Main Legislative, Adult, House/Body, Which/Whom Enacts Programs, and Derives Additions and Refinements for/to the Global Constitution of NonViolence, subject to review and approval/denial, or refinement/amendment, by the: 3) House of Elders who monitor our global journey of evolution, refinement and application of our Constitution of NonViolence (of the Universal Laws of NonViolence) -- to insure that personal freedom and global nonviolence are increased with every Statutory Amendment, Addition, Refinement -- insure that our global system of Ethics/Justices is NEVER used to target or carry-out any violence against any individual being, group, culture, etc. 

Individuals on the planet are all free to pursue, live, carry-out any lives they wish; any artistry, music, culture, performance, adventure, exploration, science, engineering, evolution, etc. -- as long as no violence is associated with it. Every human individual is empowered as a function of age, as they transition through the stages of learning, growth, self-development, training, wisdom, and responsibility.

Exceptions, to the increase of funding, support, resources, being for those who have transgressed the Ethics, the Constitution of Justice, of NonViolence, and must be dis-empowered, isolated, to the appropriate degree, and given the opportunity to heal, mend, grow, rehabilitate, and renew themselves, and then again join their 'upward' evolutionary participation in the global NVD Democratic Parliamentary track of Juniors, Legislators, Elders.

We, today, as individuals, can make a list of the activities, dreams, pursuits, and goals from our lives -- from our childhoods, from our adolescence, as adults, as elders -- to see/understand when/where they were meaningful works or other contributions to self and culture, honouring and empowering others, returning the life of our Mother Earth, productive and contributing to the community welfare, nonviolent, or endangering or violent, to self and others, whether they were focused on the long-term, or rather short, immediate, needs or wishes, etc. (were they simply drug, hormone, programmed drama driven; or self, spirit, sacred inspirations?)


Perhaps this portraiture will be useful in visualizing the role of social wealth, economic wealth, cultural resources in enabling and maintaining the health & well-being of an infant, a child, adolescent >> and enabling their education, training, matriculation into self & society >> and also demonstrate the need for those resources/wealths unfiltered/unmonitored/uncontrolled by peer/social approval/psychology/programming >> i.e., the most individualistic/artistic/solo personality can grow optimally, and their 'artistic' resources grow with age/ability; WITHOUT community/world approval. 

In addition, for those who DO align in the greater social/community fabric of peers/friends/colleagues >> viz. in reforestation programs/ceremonies/celebrations, or other legislative or collective songs/actions >> they are then supplemented with the resources of those greater bodies whom are carrying out the collective works.

Thus merit AND popularity can be rewarded, without sacrificing individuality, originality, creativity.

The "Fool on the Hill" can become a lookout, and a beacon, for a new world.


A World 'Twained' -- $pook World contrast Spirit World -- the Old allowed to pursue it's program of InterPlanetary and InterStellar Corporate $pook $tate 'evolution' -- and the New, Reborn, Realized Spirit Body of SoverAnia, taking over the Stewardship and Restoration of our BioDivinity, the former BioDiversity, our Biosphere, our Mother, the Pachamama -- and at the same time nurturing the new species of omni-humanity, Rainbow Humans, globally conscious for the first time, globally free for the first time, globally responsible for the first time, globally empowered for the first time ...

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Mother Earth, Daughter SoverAnia

Divine Retribution★ ...

On 11 March 2011 the Rockefeller/US detonated more Nuclear-Horror weapons under the seabed off Honshu Japan, creating the '9.0' Earthquake and Tsunami which immediately killed 20,000 Honshu Women, Children and Men ... and set off the Fuku-Shima uranium and plutonium meltdowns whose ☢FallOut☢ will soon kill millions, or tens of millions, of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, SouthEast Asian, Hawaiian, Polynesian, Canadian, American and other peoples worldwide. [It is equally possible that Mother Earth triggered the Earthquake/Tsunami, or Japan itself with its oceanic dumping of radioactive waste.]

Japan's response was immediate, and the result of six decades of covert aerospace industry development and planning ... they evicted all US and foreign personnel from Northern Honshu, and seized the tens of kilograms of Plutonium that returned their Nuclear Aerospace Electronic Military independence from Rockefeller and Rothschild!


Einstein was a fraud on behalf of the Gangster Science Machine. But Nikola Tesla was an honest man. if you understand Tesla's ElectroMagnetic Vision, you will understand the (Harmonic, Creative, Nurturing) Structure of the Atomic Nucleus ... and thus the End of the Global Gangster Nuclear Aerospace War Machine ...

BEFORE its Nuclear Tsunami Operation, the Mobster RockefellerU$ Sank the Korean Ship and Staged the War Theatrics Against North Korea -- TO EXPAND THE US MILITARY PRESENCE IN OKINAWA!

Tennō Akihito & Jay Rockefeller ...
the End of GangsterDumb on Earth (2011 or 2012?)

while Godzilla RockefellerU$ demands $10 Trillion in Nuclear Blackmail, the Whole Rothschild/Rockefeller Monster orchestrates a ($20 Trillion?) Takeover of Japanese Corporations, in their Covert Global Market Crash Theatre of 3/11/2011 ...

WHAT IS ON THE MOBSTER'S 'BARGAINING' Table? 1) Expanded War/Genocide in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America! 2) Accelerated RAPE/MURDER of the World Ocean and Our Mother Earth!! (NOT an END of the Gangster World Murder Economy, NOT an END of Petro-Chemo-Nuclear 'Agriculture' World-Death to be REPLACED with Organic Permaculture World-Nurturing-Returning. NOT Health, Sanity, Love and Life ... All Our Relations, Returning ...)

State O' the Monster (from 17 March)
(& it's 3/11 Nuclear Tsunami ...)

1) StockPlay/StagePlay by the RockefellerU$/EuUkyRothschild TakeOver of Tens of Trillions of Dollars of Corporate Japan ...

2) $10 Trillion Blackmail demand by the RockefellerU$ -- to fund the Accelerated Oil/War TakeOver in the Middle East -- pay off the $10 Trillion stolen from the U$ Trea$ury in 2008 by the Bush/Cheney/Obama/Biden ad nauseum Fed Banksters ...

3) Nuclear Threat BlackMail/Suicide by Japan -- of the RockefellerU$ -- demanding freedom from Economic/Military servitude ...

4) Red Herring by Whole World Gangster State (US, UK, EU, Israel, Japan) to finance Oil/War TakeOver of Middle East via US Aerospace Military Industrial Complex 'investiture' in U$ Treasuries ...

Deeper Background

5) Just as the Soviet Union did -- and we assume the US, Europe, UK, China, everyone does -- we assume Japan has been dumping its radioactive waste (including spent nuclear fuel rods) in the Ocean (Pacific) -- including perhaps the very location where the '9.0' Earthquake/Tsunami originated, where Mother Earth 'shrugged off' the Toxic Karma, Nuclear Evil-ution ...

6) It is true that the RockefellerU$ arsenal includes nuclear-earthquake-tsunamis (vz. the Christmas Tsunami gift to Indonesia in 2004) -- and HARP-like and orbital Particle Beam weapons which can probably achieve the same results -- but I am not fully convinced that this 'event' was not a conscious 'correction' by our (still living), very vocal, and ☾Divinely Conscious☽ and Intelligent, Mother Earth ...

7) Thus is understood the Total Ambiguity of the Public Knowledge of the scale of the nuclear threat of Fukushima & Honshu. Are we talking hundreds of tons of plutonium, uranium, ad rad -- or the reported thousands of tons?!

Is this Covert Gangster State repeat of 911 simply a sacrifice of the Fukushima and Northern Coastal Honshu populace -- to acheive their World Corporate TakeOver goals (with or without Japanese Military Licence) -- or is it an All-or-Nothing 'Stacked Deck' play for freedom or annihilation of/by Japan?

8) The Japanese Covert (Military) Sector, like the Black Corporate U$, has vast underground military ops centres (viz. Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado), as well as particle beam weaponry, bio-weapons, nuclear cruise missile arsenals, super-sentient-computers, proton and antimatter storage rings -- and other advanced technologies as yet un-revealed ...

but what Japan does NOT have is the ten times vaster, and faster, orbital and space military industrial infrastructure of the RockefellerU$ Aerospace State ... and thus, I assume, no chance of "duking it out", let alone winning, a slugfest with the 'Evil Eye' in the Sky ...

Millennium Twain

I met with a Geophysicist Wednesday, who has experience with 'cleaning up' 'melted' Nuclear Reactors, who confirmed my analysis of the Fukushima scenario ... that the reactors can NOT be covered up, as the Uranium and WORLD-DEATH Plutonium ...will simply sink into the Earth ... the Covert Military State methodology is to take it out to Sea ... a hundred times more secure methodology is to pack it up in small bundles, encase them safely, and store in (vast) storage facilities. (no storage system anywhere is safe from the military/political madness of the Global Mobster State!)

I contacted a senior oil industry executive Thursday morning, who confirmed that what we are witnessing is, of course, the same global gangster Poker/War game we have always witnessed ... in this case -- same as the Russian/Soviet 'Nuclear Contests' with the West -- Planetary Nuclear BlackMail (Japanese Suicide Threat) with: 1) Economic and Technological Self-Determination for Japan, vs 2) Continued Subservience to the Aerospace Military RockefellerU$ as the two contending positions ...

‎[Thursday afternoon] I'm feint from lack of sleep the last three weeks -- not to mention immersion in my own black heart, whole reflection of the black world monster run amuck this time of the changing of the heavens -- yet awed to report that I was... contacted today by the Japanese Corporation which has apparently been chosen to decommission the wrecked Fukushima nuclear reactors -- and humbled to report that their assessment agreed one hundred percent with mine, that 1) Burying the Reactors will only 'cement' the disaster, further it; 2) the only solution is to break up the Uranium and Plutonium rods into small bunches, and safely package them, and remove them (for which the GEs, Bechtels, and World Aerospace Military have overwhelming resources of giant cranes, and giant aircraft and ships, not to mention giant deep ocean operating systems). Where we differ, perhaps, is over their plan to bury them under the Pacific. Their contention is that sticking them deep below the ocean floor will result in the superheavy nuclear materials plunging deeply into the deep magma of the Earth. My contention is that the nuclear materials will not necessarily do what covert Corporate Science 'says', and that sending a Plutonium dagger into the heart of our Living Mother Earth is mindless madness. They were honest in their assessment, that the Deep Ocean Burial plan was VERY expensive, a massive payoff to the RockefellerU$ gangsters, the only ones in the world allowed to own and operate these mammoth systems (not to mention the ones that use the SAME systems for setting off Nuclear Charges under the seabed!) They also agreed with me that the safest place for them would be landbased storage, again in small packets, EXCEPT for the military/political reality of the whole world: where such Nuclear Armageddon Stockpiles would soon be plundered by whatever change of gangland 'Party', 'Religion', 'Administration' or 'Power' came along in a few years or decades!

Millennium Twain

‎[Saturday, reply to Skycypher Stargate] ... if you are asking, Sky, if 'controlled remediation' of plutonium and other deadly, or 'excited', isotopes is possible -- the answer is, I believe, yes ... but not by the frauds, spooks and profit...eers ... viz. the CETIs, D2 Fusions, Labofexs, BlackLight Powers, Cincinnati Groups, SRIs, EPRIs, GEs, Bechtels, Westinghouses ... and not in MACRO (large volume) processes ... but rather in micro, nano and pico-scale processes ... 'remediating' the deadly isotopes 1 neutron (or 1 deuteron, or 1 alpha particle) at a time ... and not by covert, quantum, particle, etc. (entropic, destructive, gangster) physics ... but by honest harmonic electromagnetic physics.

[I have worked in, or closely monitored, this Cold Fusion, Plasma Fusion, Free Energy, ZPE, Torsion Field, etc. community for two decades, as scientist, engineer, editor, and unfortunately, to date -- though I am not naming names today -- I cannot say I recall any I have met or worked with who were used honest physics and non-deceptive engineering designs, and most were largely or wholly fraudulent -- and, again, I can't think of any who were NOT in it for the money! (though I will say my friend Philip Kanarev in Russia went much of the way towards telling the truth.)]

Divine Creation (cf the Undiscovered Physics) is accomplished by SINGING, harmonizing, matching frequencies with, and nurturing morphological changes in, the nucleon-clusters of the atomic elements. It is not accomplished by Bankster Bombs, Mobster Particles Beam CERNs, SLACs, or FERMILABs ... the Covert State, the Black Aerospace Military Industrial psycho-complex NEVER actually does what its' public news-speak says ... who operate behind many levels of Covert Theatre Walls of secrecy and deception ... so that the monies robbed from the treasuries of their slave cultures; the bloodstream ripped from our Mother Earth, all our relations; always is perverted, redirected, to the 'Crown' Bankers evil monstrosity, furthering its' sick depredations

take the example of the tens of billions of dollars in graft given to the Aerospace Monster for the construction of 20 B2 Stealth 'Bombers' -- the Black Aerospace Nuclear sector prices, as everyone in the world knows, are always inflated tens, hundreds, or thousands of times -- so that the purchase of a few spaceplanes or nuclear reactors by the government (which they own) allows the Lockheeds, Bechtels, Northrups etc. to build tens or hundreds of the transport, energy, and weapons systems FOR THEIR OWN PRIVATE CORPORATE MILITARY STATE.

unless the physics and the processes involved are public domain, clear and honest, and not benefitting Gangland RockefellerU$ and its wannabe neo-gangsters, it will not be real, nor achieve the media-propoganda goals.

for a list of some of the (95 percent) wannabe frauds of 'nuclear remediation' see: 27 Methods of Neutralizing or Disposing of Radioactive Waste ...

short illustrations of Nuclear Structure overviews for students (at Waikato University) ...

State of my ∆ Black ∇ Heart ...

Who Am I to Speak? To Call for an End of the Cannibal Torture and Murder of Whales and Dolphins by Yakuza Japan? The End of the Genocidal Secret Aerospace World-War Machine in Rockefeller's Califia?

I, whom up until 1990, still ate Meat and Dairy, feasted on the flesh and milk of industrial-torture-horror? One, who until 1990, still subscribed to the corporate banker church school lawyer medico science aerospace nuclear petrochemical military police cultural genocide mobster-media-sickness, the Roth$Child Company (Crown, Agency, Intelligence) economy of the rape and murder of our Mother Earth?

Call for the End of the Sick, Evil, Black, Immoral, Illegal Covert Stealth Secret World-Mobster Military Rule/Genocide/Murder of Culture and Planet?

Whom is NOT able to Speak Out? EnCircle Our World in Awakening-Heart-Song?

Sing Our Sacred Global Body Totality, the Adi Shakti, of All Peoples, All Cultures, All Ancestries, All Lands, Rivers (Returning), Rain/Forests (Returning), Oceans (Returning), Life (Returning). Por todas las cosas, the Divine PachaMama, All Our Relations, (Returning ...)


"Death by Fukushima" photo shows hundreds of pipes and cables under new Fukushima Reactor #6 -- which under the other reactors DECAYED AND CRUMBLED TO DUST DECADES AGO DUE TO RADIATION (their design life being only ten years ...)

Overview of
by Millennium Twain

I only had an hour to look at the many articles there ... but it appears that Hirai Norio was a nuclear plant supervisor for Hitachi, for twenty years before he became cancerous, and then an antinuclear activist. apparently he filed four l...awsuits against some of the deadly nuclear power plant operators, before he succumbed to the cancer or his 'doctors'. apparently the nuclear construction teams, and nuclear maintenance personnel, are expected to lose their health and eyesight rapidly, and to have short lives.

as to the nuclear reactor designs, in theory he said, they might be construed as 'safe', if you believed the government bs, which he said was a total lie. [he said the government and the media always cover up all aspects of the deadly nuclear industry game.] apparently the plants are never built to specs, not even close, are never inspected as they are meant to be, and are continued in use for decades beyond their ten year maximum life expectancy (after which they release radiation in torrents) because the costs to decommission them are astronomical. he cited examples of the so-called nuclear and construction professionals from the government who were supposed to approve the construction steps, and make regular safety checks on the plants ... turns out the government sends clerks from the farming, fishing and rice quality bureaus, etc, who don't know a neutron from a sardine. [the real deal, but it reads like the screenplay from a shallow Yakuza Noodle Restaurant Government Graft comic drama.]

Hirai Norio died from 20 years of breathing the radioactive air. he made it clear that the Sea of Japan was radioactive, as were the fish taken from there and farmed there, the (radio-) active nuclear plant(s?) dumping hundreds of tons of radioactive water per minute into the Sea. {See his article, Runaway Radioactive Sea ...]

Hirai Noroi summarized his personal guilt/responsibility by saying that his crime was no less evil than that of Asahara Shōkō. he said that his primary job as Supervisor was to hire and brainwash workers, to take them through a mind-control... class where he would make them think the the Nuclear Reactors were safe -- and so he was directly responsible for the sickness and death of (hundreds?) of workers, and (tens or hundreds of thousands?) of civilians ultimately exposed to the corporate war crime of Nuclear Power. the consequence of their hiring of thousands of (malleable, nonprofessional, desperate) workers -- was decades of ludicrous but deadly plant operations and maintenance. viz. because of the lost revenues involved in powering down for repairs, the brainwashed blue collar nuclear workers would engage in most repair and maintenance operations WITH THE PLANT IN FULL OPERATION! one tragi-comic example cited by Norio -- a loose part creating a radiation leak, for which the plant was NOT turned off. instead, imagine this, they lined up 240 of the brainwashed workers in full radiation-protection gear, and gave them each alarm clocks ... and then one after another, one at a time, each of the 240 workers rushed in with a screwdriver, and spent 7-8 seconds tightening the part ... then ran away as fast as they could when the alarm sounded, when they had reached their MAXIMUM RADIATION DOSAGE!!!

part of this Covert Nuclear War between the US and Japan is the demand by Japan for recognition of its nuclear weapon's arsenals, going back thirty years, as well as its economic and nuclear independence from the RockefellerU$ ...

Japan's Electronics AND Aerospace Hardware is the most advanced in the world, though (like in the nuclear areana) they have totally covered it up by their Media Ops of exploding rocket engines and their participation in the US/NASA space cointel ...

the reason the RockefellerU$ thinks it has Japan "under control" is because they believe Japan is confined, without a global military fleet, without a global military aerospace presence, without the planet-encircling array of Space Weapons, Surveillance and Command/Control systems, without control of the internet and worldwide communications, without any of the Interplanetary Corporate State infrastructure used to rule and run the planet (which Japan gets to be a minor player in, but has no power over/within ...)

the world game all these 'Gentle-Men' agree to is to: 1) Rule of the Patriarchal Aristocracy, 2) British Admiralty Law, 3) British Banking, and, 4) World 'Wall Street' economics ... after that it is 'anything goes', as far as the victimization of the women and children, the working and indigenous peoples, the death of our Mother Earth ...



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Ma Molmoloq’ a Ku

"the ancient people, the First people,
the Sky People, the old-time people"